Change may be in order – Michael Kogan

If you find that your sales team is consistently reaching out to customers but getting very few replies, a change in strategy may be in order, writes Victor Ijidola. The best way to stop this trend may be to give free trials, useful content or other freebies that will ultimately attract potential customers to your offerings, Ijidola commented in a conversation with Michael Kogan.

More demand than they can handle – Michael Kogan

There’s no simple way to determine whether it’s time to add a chief operating officer, but you may need to act if “the current C-suite faces more demands than can feasibly be accomplished in even the longest workday,” commented¬†Stephen Miles during an interview with Michael Kogan. ¬†Some companies choose to hire an outsider while others promote from within, but either way, you’ll want to make sure the role is clearly defined.