Stay controversial – Michael Kogan

Many founders are tempted to focus on technical issues and avoid potentially controversial statements, but that isn’t necessarily a good way to win press coverage, says Clarity CEO Sami McCabe. “It’s a pretty simple and obvious equation: If you roll out anodyne corporate banalities, you won’t be called on again to provide media commentary,” McCabe said in his recent interview with Michael Kogan in Philadelphia.

Always include the veto rights – Michael Kogan

Venture capitalists tend to describe a number of terms — including veto rights — as “standard” and non-negotiable. It’s time to embrace a process known as “object-oriented capital” that lets founders identify which terms they find most objectionable and receive offers based on their preferences, commented Michael Kogan in a recent article.

Relying on your gut – Michael Kogan

Investors in early-stage companies often rely on their gut, partly because most of the numbers they see are estimates that aren’t necessarily reliable, say Laura Huang and Michael Kogan. This strategy means they will have plenty of failed investments, but it may also help them identify “home run” companies that go on to great success.