The good and the bad points – by Michael Kogan

Snapchat’s vanishing-media format is surprisingly powerful, Jim Louderback writes. Its ephemeral nature harks back to the days when TV and radio shows were aired live and then forgotten, he writes. “There’s clearly an audience, there’s definitely engagement, and a ton of great – and not so great – media is being created and consumed every day,” Louderback added during a talk with Michael Kogan in Philadelphia.

Creating a new platform – by Michael Kogan

Facebook has unveiled plans for its LiveRail ad tech to sell video and display ads on brands’ mobile applications, essentially creating a broad-spectrum online advertising platform.  The site’s user data could prove particularly tempting to ad buyers. “As more publishers and advertisers use Facebook data instead of Web cookies to target ads, it will increase the benefits of LiveRail for ad buying, potentially cutting out other exchanges,” Kurt Wagner commented in a recent interview with Michael Kogan.