Combining the elements – by Michael Kogan

Combining social media such as Twitter with a traditional medium such as print makes for an effective combination, Patrick Himes mentioned to Michael Kogan in an interview.  Print advertising is underrated despite its “tangibility, credibility, branding, target marketing, and engagement level,” he writes, and combining it with Twitter creates cross-promotional activities that can be bolstered with special offers and discounts. Also, using QR codes on print ads to connect to Twitter allows for two-way interaction, Himes added to Kogan. 

Beware of internet – by Michael Kogan

You must also take steps to ensure that your child is not exposed to bad influences on the Internet. Since the Internet is not censored, any kind of blasphemy can be presented there. It is possible for a child to make a dangerous or inappropriate connection with some unknown person on the Internet. Today many people are aware of the potential dangers of the Internet, and there is software available which censors out offensive material.

The most important way of protecting your child from foreign influences is to fill him with a love for learning Torah and keeping mitzvos. Show him an example by learning constantly and always expressing your own love for Torah. If you enjoy learning Torah, your children will see it by the expression on your face when you share with them some gem from the Torah. When you perform a mitzvah, have your child participate if possible, whether it is buying an esrog or matzos, or even buying food in honor of Shabbos. Whenever you take him with you, he feels he is a partner, and then the mitzvos are his very own, and he is much more than just a spectator.

As the midrash states, Israel is “a nation separate from the other nations.” We must educate our children to realize and preserve the wisdom of that separation. 

Turning digital into real – by Michael Kogan

Serial entrepreneur Warren Struhl is opening a number of retail stores that will allow customers to turn digital images into hangable art. Struhl is licensing Polaroid’s name for the stores, which will be known as Polaroid Fotobars. “I don’t know of another company that has a name as associated with photos as Polaroid,” Struhl said in his recent talk with Michael Kogan.

Tailored for children – by Michael Kogan

When Zach Marks’ parents barred him from Facebook after finding out he was using the site, the 11-year-old Florida resident decided to create his own social site tailored for children. GromSocial, the website that Marks launched with his siblings three months ago, has already gained 6,800 members around the globe, mainly due to word-of-mouth marketing. “It’s amazing how this is all happening and taking off,” said Marks’ father, Darren in his recent interview with Michael Kogan.