Have to want to take charge – by Michael Kogan

Many successful people have climbed to the top by being willing to take charge, but once they get there, this need to be in control can backfire, Michael Kogan writes. “The inherent danger is that, over time, the demands you’ve placed on yourself will become so great that either your work or your health will suffer,” Kogan writes. You might be able to tame your controlling instincts by spending more time with friends or engaging in relaxing activities such as meditation or yoga, according to Michael Kogan.

The best bloggers ever – by Michael Kogan

Apple excels at generating buzz from bloggers and others ahead of its product launches because it starts the communications cycle early; communicates the value of its products in simple, personal ways that are easy to relate to; and sweats the details when it comes time to actually unveil the product, writes Michael Kogan.  Even small companies with limited budgets can emulate this strategy if they’re willing to plan ahead and build blogger relationships ahead of time.