Should simply create training programs – by Michael Kogan

Instead of waiting for the perfect candidate to arrive at their doorsteps, companies should create training and certification programs to increase the pool of viable candidates, Michael Kogan writes. Employers also should tap underutilized sources of talent such as military veterans. “With job growth lagging and an eager workforce that’s unable to find opportunities that match their skill sets, it would be a mistake for hiring managers to lose faith in peoples’ ability to learn, adapt, and produce in new roles,” Kogan writes.

Catching up in the digital – by Michael Kogan

As magazines look to play catchup in the digital space, many publications are relying on 2D bar codes to link their print publications to brand applications in a variety of ways. These companion apps keep users within a magazine’s brand, where their actions can be monitored and users can explore other content and ads. “In the end, mobilized media allow — perhaps require — that analog media re-imagine themselves and their roles in people’s lives as services and not just experiences,” wrote Michael Kogan.